Exploring Lake of the Ozarks on a Rainy Day

Lake of the Ozarks is the perfect vacation destination for your whole family as it offers something for everyone! From world-class boating to shopping, a wide variety of parks, restaurants, lodging, and other recreational activities; Lake of the Ozarks has it all!

Nothing can ruin your day in Lake of the Ozarks, not even a rainy one! There are tons of activities that you can do to make a rainy day exciting and memorable. Here is a list of fun-packed things that you can do when it’s pouring down at your favorite vacation spot.

Hit the Wineries

Wineries of the Lake of the Ozarks are a major attraction for the local and foreign tourists. It is a perfect place to spend a rainy day at! What could be better than sipping wine and enjoying a spectacular view while the sky pours down?

Lake of the Ozarks houses 6 vineries and rain only adds to the beauty of their already breathtaking surroundings. It may be difficult for you to sit outside but you can enjoy a combination of wines, beers and delicious meals that are offered here.

Explore the Ozark Distillery

Ozark Distillery is a small family owned and operated business. It offers handcrafted spirits and produces a number of whiskeys including Corn Whiskey Moonshine, Bourbon Whiskey, Premium Vodka and Blackberry Moonshine.

Tastings offered at Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are followed by a 45-minute tour of the distillery. The tour is often guided by the owner, Dave, who is highly appreciated by the visitors because of his fun and entertaining nature. Your distillery tour will be packed with interesting information and the fascinating history of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Visit the Timber Falls Water Park

Timber Falls Water Park is a small indoor park at the Tan Tar A resort. It is a fun getaway, especially for children who will happily spend hours sliding off the water slides into the Lazy River, which by the way is perfectly safe.

This park is an instant hit with children! You can let your little ones have fun in the hot tub and the swimming pool with basketball hoops. End the fun-filled day at Timber Falls with a yummy treat from the snack bar.

Spend the Day Relaxing at a Spa

Another fun way to make up for a rainy day is by booking a relaxing massage at one of the 9 Spas of the Lake of the Ozarks. Lose yourself in the calming sauna treatments and steam rooms and treat yourself with the pampering that you so obviously deserve. After experiencing the whirlpool of fun at the Lake, you will surely take pleasure in the peace and tranquility of a Spa.

Relive History at the Camden County Museum

Camden County Museum is a walk through the history. The pictures and artifacts from events like the Civil War and the building of the Lake of the Ozarks make it an interesting and informative stop. When the rain starts to fall, spend your day learning about the time when the area was first being settled.

They also have an amazing collection of Indian artifacts that provides a glimpse into the lives of early dwellers of this region. Escape the rain by visiting Camden County Museum to get lost in the olden times and fascinating legends.

Laser Tag Zone & Lake Escape Room

Brighten your mood on a rainy day by heading out to the Laser Tag Zone or the Escape Room of the Lake of the Ozarks. Whether you have a fun-packed family time in the 4000sf laser tag arena or challenge yourself in the Escape Room; you are sure to have a blast. You can also keep the lively by going crazy over the arcade games of the Laser Tag Zone.

It’s time you stop worrying about rain and start planning your next vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks!

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