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A true sign of fall in Lake of the Ozarks is the stellar fall color show from the likes of dogwoods, thong trees, and oak-hickory forests. Lake of the Ozarks has been voted as one of the top 10 prettiest areas in the country for fall leaf viewing. As a result, you can find beautiful colors along just about any highway, byway or lake road in the region.

Timing of Fall Color

Timing of fall color change and leaf fall are primarily regulated by the calendar, that is, the increasing length of night.  As days grow shorter, and nights grow longer and cooler, biochemical processes in the leaf begin to paint the landscape with Nature’s autumn palette. Fall colors peak around the third week of October and linger into the middle of November. Listed below are a couple of drives that will put you in awe of this magnificent countryside!

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

One very popular drive is through Ha Ha Tonka State Park which is only 17 miles from our Osage Beach Condos . Ha Ha Tonka State Park was voted one of the best state parks in Missouri by readers of AAA Midwest Traveler.  Chock full of Beautiful hiking trails, breathtaking views, caverns, tunnels and more therefore,  a sight to behold.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park features 16 miles of spectacular scenery, natural wonders and the famous Ha Ha Tonka castle ruins. The 12 hiking trails in the State Park vary from accessible, paved walkways to rugged, rocky trails, providing a diverse experience for hikers.

Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Lake of the Ozarks State Park is another great option for viewing magnificent color.  This state park features 16.5 miles of trails, as well as cycling and horseback riding trails, that attract the casual strollers to serious trekkers. There are also cycling and horseback riding trails as well. You can download a few of the trail maps for Lake of the Ozarks State Park below. Meander through one of the trails below to view first hand nature’s magnificent display.










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